Ddoc Lab

Installing as a couchapp

  1. Download JSON doc from payhip (see widget below). 
  2. Create empty DB in your Couch – it will hold backup of your projects and app itself. 
  3. Secure DB. Since your projects may contain credentials, you must restrict access.
  4. Click “New document” in Futon and copy-paste JSON you downloaded from payhip.
  5. Run Ddoc Lab from URL like https:your.domain:6984/dbname/_design/ddoclab18/index.html

Please note, that you must be authorized before you run Ddoc Lab as couchapp. Since couchapps‘ designers rearly work without Futon open, it doesn‘t seem to be a problem.

Payhip widget loading...

Important note about If you experience troubles starting Ddoc Lab from localhost – please, use your local subnet IP or domain name. Your browser‘s localhost security policies can prevent Ddoc Lab from start in some rare cases.


Ddoc Lab glues together plenty of javascript plugins. Functionality they provide is used to maintain DB, sync, compile code and render rich user interface.

Plugins and libs

  • PouchDB extends browser internal DB making it CouchDB-compatible and connective.
  • Sugar.js extends std javascript primitives and delivers a lot of real syntax sugar.
  • jQuery. Long live.
  • jQuery.my executes app manifests, renders UI, and manages real-time bindings between in-memory docs and UI. Ddoc Lab is jQuery.my app, in fact.
  • jQuery UI. Well documented and maintained UI lib.
  • Select2 plugin provides beautiful dropdowns, YouTube-like tag selectors and similars.
  • Redactor is the best of existing more or less free web rich text editors. 
  • CodeMirror. Provides code editors and code view beautification.
  • less provides less compilation.
  • Uglify minifies javascript.
  • htmlparser – used to parse HTML before minification.
  • marked – markdown compiler 

Fonts and icons

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